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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Local Merchants Can Now Offer Coupons for Free on Google

In an effort to promote its local search service, Google will provide coupons from local merchants that list their businesses on Google Maps.

According to Marketing Sherpa, the conversion results of coupon offers using Google Local search was poor in at least one study. But there are clear advantages to making sure that your business is fully listed in Google Maps. For one thing, it appears to help your business' Web site in Google's search engine rankings.

To sign up for an account or for more information, go to the Google Local Business Center.

More on this in today's New York Times online: New at Google: Local Coupons

Google Maps and Google Local were, at one time, distinct. Google Maps can be incorporated into other Web sites in various ways. Google Local search results serve up maps from Google Maps. In practice, you can no longer find a different portal or search page called "Google Local" on the Google Web site. (Click on the "more" link on the Google home page and then on the "even more" link. Find the "Local: Find local businesses and get directions" link on that page and it takes you to Google Maps.)


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