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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Links for 2006-10-07

A good article about Vivisimo / Clusty appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review yesterday:

Clusty clouds Google's grip on Internet search
By David Conti

Pittsburghers, here's a great (free) resource for Internet / Web / technology news. Go to the Pittsburgh Technology News website for more information and to subscribe to their weekly news digest. An invaluable resource and, from what I hear, an inexpensive and effective place to advertise.

And here's proof that you can be named one of "Pittsburgh's Most Helpful Websites" without giving any thought to usability: Pittsburgh Business -- an excellent resource, but hard to read!! Please, Pittsburgh Business Calendar, take a few minutes to replace the default Times New Roman (serif) font with a sans serif font like Verdana, Arial or Helvetica -- and put some white space around your text blocks.

Some months ago I wrote to the Pittsburgh Business Calendar at Info@BusinessCalendar.Org and offered to clean up the site's usability and look-and-feel in exchange for a mention at the bottom of the page, but I never heard back from them. Maybe I'll try again.


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