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Monday, May 15, 2006

XML Sitemap Generator - What a Great (Free) Tool!

Someday soon this blog will bifurcate into a techie blog and a customer- and prospective customer-facing blog. Till then, here's a techie entry.

Thanks to Robbin Steif and her LunaMetrics Blog for this hot tip. Google Sitemaps is a service from Google that allows anyone to create a specially formatted sitemap file containing all the URLs in a Web site. Google crawlers use the file to index the site. Yahoo! offers a similar service as part of their "Submit Your Site for Free" submission process.

These services are particularly useful for sites with dynamically generated pages.

But how do I create such a file? And who has the time, you ask? Well, (here's the tip) that's where the very clever crew at come in with their free XML Sitemap Generator.

I tried a few other online sitemap generating tools before using this one, and it pretty much blows the others away. Compare the simplicity and ease of use of the Generator to the free Google Sitemap Generator and its lengthy page of instructions. Does this mean Google will be buying soon?

The site includes all the instructions you need to be able to create and upload a sitemap for Google and for Yahoo! in a matter of minutes. So check it out.


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