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Monday, May 01, 2006

Web Site Marketing: Define Your Terms

Site optimization: work in progress.
Here is a Web site home page with a fundamental SEO shortcoming: The term of utmost importance to the site's content, project alignment, is used twice on the home page but it is not clear what the term means: The Outset Consulting Group Home Page (Sample).

Sometimes, however, there is a quick fix when it comes to defining terms — and also optimizing a site for crawlers like Google's Googlebot. On this site, project alignment is defined (more or less) on an interal page: The Outset Consulting Group: Value Proposition.

The quick fix: Make the term project alignment on the home page a link to the Value Proposition page: The Outset Consulting Group Home Page (Revised).

This does two things:

1. It helps human site visitors find the definition of project alignment immediately. (Whether or not this defnition is an effective one, and whether it should appear on the home page itself, are different questions, to be addressed in another post.)

2. It provides a link within the site for the term project alignment, which shows crawlers like Googlebot that the term is significanct.


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