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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lexmark Printer Problem Now Visible in Yahoo Search Results

The previous McBuzz Blog post, Lexmark Printer C522n Does Not Print OpenType fonts (aka Open Type fonts) - An Update (No Problem On Yahoo), noted that Yahoo search results for "lexmark opentype" did not include any of my posts on the topic, which was odd given that these posts have been at the top of page one in both Google and results for many weeks.

When the McBuzz Blog first started posting about the fact that the Lexmark C522n printer does not print Open Type fonts, these posts were at the top of Yahoo search results. But after a few weeks, they disappeared altogether.

I also noted that Lexmark was, at that time, a top sponsor in Yahoo's Sponsored Links on page one of Yahoo search results for the word "printer", something Lexmark would have paid quite a bit of money for. This was probably coincidental.

And a few days after my "No Problem on Yahoo" post, the McBuzz Blog rocketed to the top of Yahoo's results for "lexmark opentype". What happened to prompt this? I have no idea.

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