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Monday, December 18, 2006

How to Blog About Faulty Products: Lexmark Printers and Open Type (.otf) Fonts

My complaint regarding a flaw in the Lexmark C522n Color Printer -- that it does not print OpenType fonts (also called .otf or "Open Type" fonts) -- has created some blogger buzz.

Making Communications Buzz is getting significant traffic from search results on Google, Yahoo and regarding this subject. Try searching "lexmark opentype" or "lexmark .otf" to see why.

These searches -- using only the words "lexmark" and "opentype", for example -- don't even mention that there is a problem. The mere association of "lexmark" and "opentype" takes you to my post as the top result. (Google and similar sites ignore capitalization for search, so "lexmark" and "Lexmark" -- or "opentype" and "OpenType" -- are essentially the same.)

Here's a challenge for search marketers and for anyone with a blog: Many people looking for information about OpenType fonts will spell it like this: "open type fonts" -- with two words for "open type".

Search on Google for "lexmark doesn't print open type" and you find my Making Communications Buzz blog post. What's more, Google offers you a link at the top of the page that asks, "Did you mean 'lexmark doesn't print opentype".

But, if you use the same keywords in Yahoo or, my post is nowhere to be found.

This is unfortunate. It will probably not occur to some people that OpenType might be one word, and they will not find confirmation that a problem exists with their printer.

Hence the interjection above (also called .otf or "Open Type" fonts). This is one way to try to show Yahoo and MSN that searchers may be using the latter spelling. Let's give it a few days and see what happens.


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