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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Search Optimized Press Release Template: Web Marketing Meets "PR 2.0"

When it comes time to do a press release about your new or existing business, here's a resource that may come in handy. A PR firm called SHIFT communications has created a template for a Web 2.0-optimized press release they call a Social Media News Release template.

This is brilliant self-promotion on the part of SHIFT. It's also a very useful resource for businesses and Web marketers alike. The traditional press release pales in comparison.

We need to think in terms of optimizing all our marketing and PR materials from the outset, not after the fact. And with a blog-enabled website, you can put every piece of marketing and PR you create up on your site the same day.

SHIFT communications
Social Media News Release template
(see callout at bottom right under "Accelerators")

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  • I like the term "blog-enabled Web site." That should be branded and talked up. Generally, people are a bit behind the curve. You can start talking to most about blogs right now. If you asked them if they use Web 2.0 press releases, they might not get it. Might be useful to "noun-ify" that term, too.

    Seems like there's a potentially big market out there... of those people who get it or almost get it and need some support for getting it done.

    By Blogger Phil Dunn -, at 11:10 AM  

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