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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Internet Addiction: (News Flash) Spending More Time Online May Not Lead to Increased Productivity

Here's a quote to file under the category, "You know you're in trouble when...":

Scores of online discussion boards have popped up on which people discuss negative experiences tied to too much time on the Web.

This is from an article on today's titled, "Caught in the Web: More People Say Heavy Internet Use Is Disrupting Their Lives, and Medical Experts Are Paying Attention".

More and better technology has been a major contributor to increases in US productivity despite widespread downsizing, but some of the same technology can also be a seductive diversion that makes you feel like you are being productive when you are actually just downloading more new "gadgets" for your "desktop" -- or "widgets" for your "dashboard" -- or polishing your personal profile on MySpace or

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